• We have first class instructors team in the world for oil &gas training, and most of our instructors are outstanding people in variety fields of the industry, such as AAPG, SPE outstanding speechmakers, NAE members, famous professors, and technical experts from famous oil and oil services companies.
  • Our training courses focus on the perfect combination of theory and practice, and provide kinds of opportunities to visit and experience in oil and gas production fields, laboratories and workshops in North America.
  • We provide customized course design. Based on the HR evaluation results of company technicians, we design the most appropriate course plan for our clients.
  • Our flexible training: Go for training in North America; Bring instructors to your local place; long distant training online
  • We have strategic cooperation with many world famous training institutes and petroleum institutes of universities, such as Petroskills, Texas A&M University, UT Austin, Tulsa University, Oklahoma University, SPE, AAPG etc.


  • We have professional HR Evaluation software and experts team to perform quantitative evaluation of employees’ professional abilities and job responsibilities, to build lifetime employees’ abilities files, and to generate career planning and development reports.
  • We have advanced Enterprise Architecture Expert Analysis System to perform simulation on enterprise architecture, and to find out bottlenecks and defects which restrain the enterprise operation efficiency. Combing with HR Evaluation System, we propose organization optimized plan, to integrate the improvement of enterprise operation efficiency and employee self-development.


Our HR Evaluation System is specific to personal career planning and enterprise development strategy

​​​​Our Training Services are specific to the needs and development of technology in oil and gas industry


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