Ideal or Nothing

Scientific Research and Consulting

We are committed to integrating the world's top scientific research sources to cope with the challenges facing oil and gas exploration and development, and to apply the leading edge scientific and technological achievements to the oil and gas production practice to help our customers to fully tap the production potential of oil and gas fields.


l  We have a team of consultants consisting of the world's leading scientists and experts. 

l  We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with the world's leading universities and research institutions, which consists an oil & gas research network covering multi subjects, multi specialties and multi echelons.  

l  Our headquarters is located in the Energy Capital of the World, Houston, facilitating the utilization of the talent, technology and equipment advantages in the industry and helping customers to solve technical problems effectively.   

l  We have rich experience in project management, and we are good at organizing large-scale international cooperation. A series of research work is carried out in reservoir stimulation, geo-mechanical model, geological modeling, enhanced oil recovery and other fields, and a lot of breakthrough understanding and results have been obtained.   

l  Usually, we carry out the research work in the mode of a joint project team representing both Party A and Party B, which can ensure that the project meets the actual needs of the oil field, and can also help the technical staff of Party A to improve their ability through the cooperation with the international research team.