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The SRI Check Valve is a monogrammable API 6A check valve rated for use in both drilling and production applications up to 15,000 psi, whose design features poppet and other internal seal interchangeability with OEM (“R”) model available in any specified trim. Our check valves are available in all standard sizes from 1-13/16” – 7-1/16,” PSL 1-3, with connections specified by the customer.

Check Valve

SRI Energy SUPRAM Mud Valve

The SRI Energy LAC Valve is one of our most manufactured valves. API 6A monogrammable and available in all API sizes from 1-13/16”-7-1/16”, our LAC valve can be manufactured for PSL 1-3G for working pressures up to 15,000 psi and temperatures between -50 – 250. This design offers a bi-directional metal to metal seal between gate and seat, interchangeability with CIW valve parts, good lubrication and venting systems to help the valve with easy operation, as well as manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic options. Unlike the FC valve, our LAC Valve seals at low pressures.

SRI Energy LAC Valve

The SRI Energy SUPRAM Valve is on the cutting edge of drilling and production technology. As with all of our valves it is a monogrammable API 6A valve and features both upstream and downstream sealing using metal to metal seals, a floating gate, reusable gates and seats, and can be manually, hydraulically, or pneumatically operated. The SUPRAM offers a true low pressure seal (200 psi), easy maintenance, and chamber grease longevity.

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SRI Energy SUPRAM Valve


SRI Energy SUPRAM Cement Valve